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Not all browsers support html5 video. If you cant play the video, feel free to download the video. Unless otherwise noted, I've created all the content in the clip.

Galactic Gundown Logo

A First Person VR Shooter Game

A first look at my new game: Galactic Gundown. It is a first person VR shooter for Samsung Gear VR. This video is actually pretty old, it is from November 2016. I have a more up to date video and will post it soon.

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A couple of Short Films I've made

In 2016, before I threw all free my time into making Galactic Gundown, I made a few short films. I hope to make more soon, but for now I'm focussing on the game and my YouTube channel, Kevin The Dane

Point Blank

This was the first short film I did. I shot it in an afternoon, and without a script. Then I spend 2 days editing and another day making foley. I play both characters, and that was actually the whole idea behind the video: To shoot some footage and make a VFX shot with blood spatter and muzzleflash. It evolved a bit from there, and within a week I was hooked on making short films.


For the second film, I tried writing a script and telling a story. I didn't succeed very well, but none the less I learned a ton. Especially I learned how hard it is to work without a crew. That is really something you need to think about when you write your script. There's also a small easter-egg. A reference to the first film hidden in this one.

Student of Interest

For the third film, I teamed up with some good friends of mine, and they helped with locations scouting, camera operations, lighting and acting, so this one turned out a lot better I think. This time I also didn't have to worry about the script so much, because we did a parody on the Person of Interest intro. So we had a good shotlist and a storyboard to follow. Recording the audio was a bit scary, and also didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. Imitating voices is really hard!


Suzzallo Library

Jim, Kim, Tobias and I started this project when we went on a one months study trip to Seattle, WA. Suzzallo Library is a grand library, on campus as University of Washington - we made a decision to model the large reading room. Kim and Toby made a super storyboard, and we planned out a video of around 15 shots. As the month progressed, we soon realized that we probably weren't gonna make it. After all, we wanted to tour the city as well.

At least we got most of the modelling done, and we also took a thousand photos to create textures from. When we got back home, everybody had other projects to attend; work, exams and other school work got in the way of our project.

I, on the other hand, had some time to spare, so I started working. And working hard. And after around 700 hours I was finally able to present the final video to the team, and the world.

The video went along and won a CG Architect award for best student film, and I was awarded the trophy at the early ceremony at the Mundos Digitales Festival in A Coruña, Spain. That was a great and life changing experience. I got to meet some of the top people in the industry, and got a taste of what an artist conference tastes like. And I liked it.

If you can't play the video, you can download it here.

My work on this project:

  • Modelling:
    • The Architectural Space
    • Doors and Windows
    • The Globus
    • Book cases
    • Cabinets
  • Texturering:
    • The Architectural Space
    • Doors and Windows
    • Cabinets
  • Set dressing
  • Lighting og Shading
  • Camera animations
  • Rendering
  • Compositing
  • Effects (DOF, Godrays, particles etc.)
  • Grading


3ds Max 2015:Modelling

V-Ray 3.10:Rendering

Photoshop CS6:Textures

After Effects CS6:Compositing

Kevin Gøhler

Name:Kevin Gøhler

Age:30 years




Skill level
0 2 4 6 8 10
3ds Max
After Effects
Premiere Pro


Skill level
0 2 4 6 8 10


Skill level
0 2 4 6 8 10


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